Top 3 Spreadsheets to Manage Your Employee’s Attendance

If you are working as a human resource staff or manager, you might looking for excel spreadsheets that you can use to manage and monitor your employee’s attendance. This is the case if you want to evaluate your employee’s performances and you think the attendance management software, usually provided together with attendance machine, cannot accommodate your needs. These three spreadsheets, Employee Attendance Calendar, Employee Timesheet Manager and Employee Shift Schedule Planner, are best spreadsheets you can use to manage your employee’s attendance. They can be opened in excel version 2007 and above and can be moved between computers without problems. And there is no macros inside so you won’t get any macros warning while opening these files which usually pop up because of windows or antivirus security system protection.

1. Employee Attendance Calendar
This is a spreadsheet to manage and record your employee’s attendance. You can use it to record their attendance for one full year. There are 12 attendance worksheets where you can easily mark their absences by typing related absence code in related dates. And there are marking colors that you can specify in setup worksheet to help you differentiate absence codes as well as holiday dates in the calendar.

Employee Attendance Calendar  Spreadsheet Excel

There are reports that will summarize your company’s employee attendance. You can see the report in two kind of forms, total employee and single employee report. And there is a calendar dashboard that will show you the performance of your employee’s attendance. Since it is created in Microsoft Excel, you can easily pull the data and evaluate it to follow your company’s policy. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Free World Cup 2014 Spreadsheets

These are 5 FIFA World Cup 2014 spreadsheets that could ease you managing your time while watching the tournament. With these spreadsheets, you can create your own calendar and TV schedule. Also you can record all matches results and track the progress of all team from match to match. You still need to type the score manually, but, that’s all you have to do. And, you can play with the score to see how the standings will be affected and which team that will be meet the knock out stages. And there is a spreadsheet that will allow you to test your prediction capability with your colleagues, relatives during the tournament. All spreadsheets are needed Microsoft Excel 2007, at least, but no macro needed. So, you can just start to open and use it directly.

1. World Cup 2014 Calendar
This is a monthly calendar which has been integrated with World Cup 2014 schedule. Instead of just having a schedule in tournament format, you can have a schedule in monthly calendar format which should be more familiar. You can change all words in calendar setup to suit your own preference, but remember that you might lose the translation capability.

World Cup 2014 Calendar Spreadsheet

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Gantt Chart Template for Excel

This is a Gantt Chart template for excel. Comparing with other template for excel, this one is created with a simplicity approach. Some people has difficulties to create a project management plan because of the complexity of the software they have to use or the software has too many unnecessary function that confuse them. And with excel as their primary spreadsheet software they have to use for their tasks, creating Gantt Chart from the scratch will also give them some headache. The headache is caused by the needs of tidy up the chart to be easy to read and being understand by people who use it.

Created with simple function without any excel macros, this template should be the answer for you or those people who have some difficulties on tidy up the chart in excel or for those who don’t want to spend extra time to tidy it up. Just open the Gantt Chart template in Excel, type related date and information, set some guidance parameter and you are done.

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Euro 2012 Football Tournament Schedule and Scoresheet

Within 2 months, the biggest football tournament in Europe, which held every four years, will start in Ukraine and Poland. 16 countries will compete to become the best football team in Europe within 8 June – 1 July 2012 period. Those sixteen finalists are: Croatia,Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland(Co-host), Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Spain(Defending Champion), Sweden, Ukraine (Co-host). Twelve of those are participated at the previous tournament in 2008. Two team, England and Denmark, were participated in 2004. Republic of Ireland is return after an absence of 24 years. Ukraine make their debut as an independent nation, having previously participated as part of the Soviet Union. All team are divided into 4 groups where each countries will meet once and the winner and runner up of each groups will advance into knock out phase.

The UEFA applied the same tie breaker rule when the group winner and runner up are sharing the same points. The tie breaker rule is as quoted from their document :

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Top 5 Excel Yearly Calendar

Why I call these calendars are top 5 excel yearly calendars ? Because this is how yearly calendar should be made in excel. From my point of view, if you want to create a yearly calendar using Microsoft Excel, it should be:
1. Easy to customize. It means I or other people who use it can adjust layout, change color, font using excel menu easely.
2. Printed in one page with 12 months layout
3. Generated using excel formula. It means all dates are generated by excel formula, not by typing it manually.
4. Without Macros. I don’t think there is a need to use macro to build this spreadsheet. I found some yearly calendar created using macros and the problems are the spreadsheets only can be used in some version of Microsoft Excel. And this is horrible. How can you use the yearly calendar if the version of Microsoft Excel keep changing and the macro function is not compatible between its version ?
5. Changed by only changing the year. It means it can be used yearly just by typing or selecting targeted year.

And here are the top five based on those point of view :

1. Excel Calendar

This one have holiday and event setting, but if you want to print without detail information about those holiday and event, just clear the print area and set the new print area.

Excel Calendar


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15 Useful Wedding Spreadsheets

Will you marry me ? Yes….. And then what next? The wedding… I don’t know whether you have thought about the wedding before you proposed or accepted to get married, but for many people to plan a wedding can be the hardest thing to do, because it involves many things, even if you plan to just have a simple wedding.

Finding the good time and place, organizing the people, are parts of wedding preparation. You can simplify all the preparation by hiring the Wedding Event Organizer to do all the things for your wedding, but still you have to make sure that the organizer will deliver the event as expected and work within your budget.

But, you don’t have worry too much… In this internet era, there are any kind of wedding information available in internet, all you have to do just google it. And if you need some spreadsheets to help you on your wedding preparation, I have filtered some good spreadsheets for you.

Wedding preparation basically just consists of two things, planner and budget, and that’s what I found in internet when I was searching for wedding spreadsheets. I have filtered those spreadsheets into 15 spreadsheets which could give you brief description about wedding preparation. Each spreadsheets have different approach on planning and budgeting, so you can choose the suitable one for you or customize the spreadsheet according to your need. Since all spreadsheets will complement each other, I think there will no item can be missed after you read all the spreadsheets for your wedding preparation.

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15 Free Personal Budget Spreadsheet

There are plenty of personal or household budget spreadsheets available in internet which is free to download. I have downloaded more than 30 spreadsheets just to find 1 spreadsheet that can accommodate all my need on creating and controlling my personal budget and expenses. But, it is not easy to find the closest one for my need. I review them all, and I have to remove some duplicate spreadsheets (spreadsheets that only have title differences). I also removed some basic personal budget spreadsheets because the creator just create a plain forms. And finally, I found a spreadsheet from about 15 spreadsheets that I have filtered.

If you are the same with me on try to find the personal budget spreadsheets that can suit your needs, you should see these 15 spreadsheets and find the strength and the weaknesses based on your criteria. And I recommend you to download some of them, test the spreadsheets, and do some customization to see whether it suit your needs or need more adjustment. Some spreadsheets came with a very detailed calculation and analysis, some spreadsheets created with nice layouts, and some others came with the simple budget calculation.

All my review here are based on my personal opinion… After you try it, probably you have different opinion than I am.

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Euro 2008 Game Score Prediction

This is my first spreadsheet in this site. I would like to thank my friend at which allow me to modify his euro 2008 schedule template to ease me develop the game score prediction spreadsheet. The idea behind this spreadsheet is to make a league of score prediction game, where it the game will last until the final of euro 2008.

I divided this Euro 2008 game score into 4 rounds, i.e group rounds, quarter final, semifinal and final where it rounds have the same rule but different point value. You can change this point value.

The rule for getting point are as follows :

  • If the prediction of the match is exactly the same with the results, the player who predicted that will get the maximum point, where in the group round will get 100 and in the final will get 800.
  • If the prediction of the match is different in the score results, but the difference of the score is the same, the player who predicted that will get 75% of the maximum point, where in the group round will get 75 and in the final will get 600.
  • If the prediction of the match is different in the score results and the score difference, the player still can get 50% of maximum point, where in the group round will get 50 and in the final will get 400.
  • The player will get no point at all if their prediction is not correct.

Game guidance :

  1. Put the maximum player in “Number of Players” cell, the maximum player in this game is 10 (you can modify it if you want more players)
  2. Put the player name next to the number which shown up after you put the maximum player
  3. Put your prediction score next to player name in group and knock out prediction scoresheet
  4. When the result of any euro 2008 matches is revealed, put the results in Euro 2008 result sheet
  5. See your score in player data and score worksheet.

You can see the display of player scoresheet in the picture below.

Euro 2008 Prediction Game
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