15 Useful Wedding Spreadsheets

Will you marry me ? Yes….. And then what next? The wedding… I don’t know whether you have thought about the wedding before you proposed or accepted to get married, but for many people to plan a wedding can be the hardest thing to do, because it involves many things, even if you plan to just have a simple wedding.

Finding the good time and place, organizing the people, are parts of wedding preparation. You can simplify all the preparation by hiring the Wedding Event Organizer to do all the things for your wedding, but still you have to make sure that the organizer will deliver the event as expected and work within your budget.

But, you don’t have worry too much… In this internet era, there are any kind of wedding information available in internet, all you have to do just google it. And if you need some spreadsheets to help you on your wedding preparation, I have filtered some good spreadsheets for you.

Wedding preparation basically just consists of two things, planner and budget, and that’s what I found in internet when I was searching for wedding spreadsheets. I have filtered those spreadsheets into 15 spreadsheets which could give you brief description about wedding preparation. Each spreadsheets have different approach on planning and budgeting, so you can choose the suitable one for you or customize the spreadsheet according to your need. Since all spreadsheets will complement each other, I think there will no item can be missed after you read all the spreadsheets for your wedding preparation.

Wedding Budget

Budget is something to design in the beginning, so all preparation will follow your expenses that you can afford. And these are budget spreadsheets that you might consider for your references.

1. Wedding Worksheet

To start using the spreadsheet, put your total desired budget in corresponding column and put actual expenses next to the preparation item. This is the simple way of budgeting.

Wedding Worksheet


2. Budget Tracker

I recommend this one to be used for your budget purposes. It is very nicely created, and if you can visit the creator site here to have more information regarding wedding preparation.

Budget Tracker


3. Wedding Budget Calculator

Instead of the budget, this spreadsheet also give you column for price or offering comparison on each preparation item.

Wedding Budget Calculator


4. Wedding Budget

This one has budget percentage guidance of each item category

Wedding Budget


5. Wed Budget

In this spreadsheet, there is column to separate budget responsibility between bride and groom.

Wed Budget


6. Common Wedding Budget

I found more then 20 spreadsheets with the same style with this one, where the different is only on the title. I don’t know which one is the original one, so I just pick one that come from Microsoft.

Common Budget


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    Thanks for the great website. Some of the spreadsheets are really useful. Appreciate your effort in putting all these together.

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  2. We need to put addresses on a spreadsheet to send to our company doing the invitations and we do not know how. Do you have one to help us of direct us in the right directions.
    Thank you.

  3. This is helpful but I am looking for one spreadsheet template that offers room for all venues for receptions on one sheet so you can see the breakdown and costs for each venue in one grand picture.
    Is there anything like that in a template out there?

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