Top 5 Excel Yearly Calendar

Why I call these calendars are top 5 excel yearly calendars ? Because this is how yearly calendar should be made in excel. From my point of view, if you want to create a yearly calendar using Microsoft Excel, it should be:
1. Easy to customize. It means I or other people who use it can adjust layout, change color, font using excel menu easely.
2. Printed in one page with 12 months layout
3. Generated using excel formula. It means all dates are generated by excel formula, not by typing it manually.
4. Without Macros. I don’t think there is a need to use macro to build this spreadsheet. I found some yearly calendar created using macros and the problems are the spreadsheets only can be used in some version of Microsoft Excel. And this is horrible. How can you use the yearly calendar if the version of Microsoft Excel keep changing and the macro function is not compatible between its version ?
5. Changed by only changing the year. It means it can be used yearly just by typing or selecting targeted year.

And here are the top five based on those point of view :

1. Excel Calendar

This one have holiday and event setting, but if you want to print without detail information about those holiday and event, just clear the print area and set the new print area.

Excel Calendar


2. Yearly Calendar

This calendar has all those specification above. I like the lay out.

Yearly Calendar


3. Yearly Calendar with Holidays

This is the same yearly calendar with number 3 but with holiday information that can be customized.

Yearly Calendar with Holidays