Gantt Chart Template for Excel

This is a Gantt Chart template for excel. Comparing with other template for excel, this one is created with a simplicity approach. Some people has difficulties to create a project management plan because of the complexity of the software they have to use or the software has too many unnecessary function that confuse them. And with excel as their primary spreadsheet software they have to use for their tasks, creating Gantt Chart from the scratch will also give them some headache. The headache is caused by the needs of tidy up the chart to be easy to read and being understand by people who use it.

Created with simple function without any excel macros, this template should be the answer for you or those people who have some difficulties on tidy up the chart in excel or for those who don’t want to spend extra time to tidy it up. Just open the Gantt Chart template in Excel, type related date and information, set some guidance parameter and you are done.

There are two models available, dailyviewĀ  and weekview model. Dailyview model should be suitable for short period project where weekview model is more suitable for project that has more than 3 month period. There are some features disabled in free version, even though the free version is enough to fulfill your basic project plan.

You can download the weekview model below. It needs Microsoft 2007/2010 to make all the function running well.
Get it from CNET!
And, you can read further instruction on how to use this template here.