5 Free World Cup 2014 Spreadsheets

These are 5 FIFA World Cup 2014 spreadsheets that could ease you managing your time while watching the tournament. With these spreadsheets, you can create your own calendar and TV schedule. Also you can record all matches results and track the progress of all team from match to match. You still need to type the score manually, but, that’s all you have to do. And, you can play with the score to see how the standings will be affected and which team that will be meet the knock out stages. And there is a spreadsheet that will allow you to test your prediction capability with your colleagues, relatives during the tournament. All spreadsheets are needed Microsoft Excel 2007, at least, but no macro needed. So, you can just start to open and use it directly.

1. World Cup 2014 Calendar
This is a monthly calendar which has been integrated with World Cup 2014 schedule. Instead of just having a schedule in tournament format, you can have a schedule in monthly calendar format which should be more familiar. You can change all words in calendar setup to suit your own preference, but remember that you might lose the translation capability.

World Cup 2014 Calendar Spreadsheet

2. World Cup 2014 Weekly Calendar with TV Schedule
This TV schedule spreadsheet is suitable for you who plan to watch the tournament from your home. You still need to replace the TV broadcaster name with your own TV as well as add important notes inside. You can move between weeks by scrolling week tab left or right.

World Cup 2014 TV Schedule Spreadsheet

3. World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet
If you plan to record all World Cup matches, track your favorite team progress, play with scores to simulate your team journey in this tournament, you can download and use this one. Equipped with tie-breaker formula in Group Standings, you can simulate it by typing the score. And when all group matches are finished, you can continue to simulate knock out stages matches. There are 44 language and 139 timezone that you can select to ease you using this spreadsheet.

World Cup 2014 Schedule Spreadsheet

4. World Cup 2014 Scoresheet with Goal Scorer Tracker
If you are not satisfied with entering goal scores in previous spreadsheet, this one will give you a chance to put player who score the goals in every matches. And you can follow the progress of a player to become a top scorer by the end of tournament. But, you need to collect 23 players from all 32 team and put it into player database worksheet. All players should be available in FIFA official website before the tournament is begun. This is the most simple one and the only spreadsheet without macro that can be found in internet with top scorer capability.

World Cup 2014 Top Scorer Spreadsheet

5. World Cup 2014 Office Pool
This one is a prediction game spreadsheet you must have if you want to compete and measure how good your prediction skill is. You can compete with 14 players and race to become the best one by collecting points. You can divide it into two game period, group and knock out stages, or you can compete in whole World Cup matches. You can specify your own points and also you can change game rule for knock out stages. You should download this one. It is really fun.

World Cup 2014 Pool Spreadsheet

You can download the first 4 spreadsheets here. The fifth spreadsheet can be downloaded here.