Euro 2008 Game Score Prediction

This is my first spreadsheet in this site. I would like to thank my friend at which allow me to modify his euro 2008 schedule template to ease me develop the game score prediction spreadsheet. The idea behind this spreadsheet is to make a league of score prediction game, where it the game will last until the final of euro 2008.

I divided this Euro 2008 game score into 4 rounds, i.e group rounds, quarter final, semifinal and final where it rounds have the same rule but different point value. You can change this point value.

The rule for getting point are as follows :

  • If the prediction of the match is exactly the same with the results, the player who predicted that will get the maximum point, where in the group round will get 100 and in the final will get 800.
  • If the prediction of the match is different in the score results, but the difference of the score is the same, the player who predicted that will get 75% of the maximum point, where in the group round will get 75 and in the final will get 600.
  • If the prediction of the match is different in the score results and the score difference, the player still can get 50% of maximum point, where in the group round will get 50 and in the final will get 400.
  • The player will get no point at all if their prediction is not correct.

Game guidance :

  1. Put the maximum player in “Number of Players” cell, the maximum player in this game is 10 (you can modify it if you want more players)
  2. Put the player name next to the number which shown up after you put the maximum player
  3. Put your prediction score next to player name in group and knock out prediction scoresheet
  4. When the result of any euro 2008 matches is revealed, put the results in Euro 2008 result sheet
  5. See your score in player data and score worksheet.

You can see the display of player scoresheet in the picture below.

Euro 2008 Prediction Game
This spreadsheet is still basic, you can develop it to meet your game plan. I put a password for some sheets and cells to prevent the user of misstyping which can ruin the formula. But, if you want to modify the sheets, you can use the password “excel” to open the protection. If you want to share it in internet, please don’t delete the link to my site and my friend site in the worksheet.

You can download it here.

Feel free to give questions or any comments.

One thought on “Euro 2008 Game Score Prediction

  1. this is great!
    i’ve been following the development since your friend had published his template. been waiting for this prediction game.
    I will share it with my friends here in Israel.

    thank you both.
    well done.

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