20+ Useful Wedding Spreadsheets

Will you marry me ? Yes….. And then what next? The wedding… I don’t know whether you have thought about the wedding before you proposed or accepted to get married, but for many people to plan a wedding can be the hardest thing to do, because it involves many things, even if you plan to just have a simple wedding.

Finding the good time and place, organizing the people, are parts of wedding preparation. You can simplify all the preparation by hiring the Wedding Event Organizer to do all the things for your wedding, but still you have to make sure that the organizer will deliver the event as expected and work within your budget.

20 Useful Wedding Spreadsheets

But, you don’t have worry too much… In this internet era, there are any kind of wedding information available in internet, all you have to do just google it. And if you need some spreadsheets to help you on your wedding preparation, I have filtered some good spreadsheets for you.

Wedding preparation basically just consists of two things, planner and budget, and that’s what I found in internet when I was searching for wedding spreadsheets. I have filtered those spreadsheets into 15 spreadsheets which could give you brief description about wedding preparation. Each spreadsheets have different approach on planning and budgeting, so you can choose the suitable one for you or customize the spreadsheet according to your need. Since all spreadsheets will complement each other, I think there will no item can be missed after you read all the spreadsheets for your wedding preparation. Those spreadsheets below are free. Modify and adjust them to suit your budget and plan.

Wedding Budget

Budget is something to design in the beginning, so all preparation will follow your expenses that you can afford. And these are budget spreadsheets that you might consider for your references.

How to Use Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

This is a two column wedding budget spreadsheet where you can fill your budget estimation and its actual realization. There are conditional formatting formula at “Actual” column where it will turn blue in Funding part if actual amount is positive and turn red in Expenses part if actual amount is negative. There are general wedding item you can replace with your own item. Those sub categories below Expenses part are grouped using Group function. See screenshot below. You click “3” to extend all sub categories, “2” for seeing all expenses categories and ‘1″ to see funding and expenses amount only. Click “+” to see particular category.

Wedding Income and Expenses Tracker

If you interest to track more detail on your expenses, you may use these spreadsheets. There are two models. The first model tracks expenses only. It fits you who already have money in your bank and want to monitor all expenses. The second one can track both income and expenses. It suit you who manage more than one income sources, have a tight budget, and want to make sure that you have a positive balance along the way.

Both spreadsheets have a separate worksheet to summarize all income and expenses with similar format with Wedding Budget spreadsheet. To use this spreadsheet is simple, define categories for each income and expenses, then type date and amount where payment should be made.

Wedding Planner

This spreadsheet basically created to help you organize your schedule or to-do list until D-Day. You won’t need these Wedding Planner spreadsheet if you hire a Wedding Organizer. But, if you couldn’t find one or you think it is too expensive, you can use these spreadsheets below. Having wedding event organized by yourself will give you more flexibility on managing your budget. But, you still need to organize them carefully to make sure you do not forget some details that will cost you on your D-Day.

Wedding To Do List

One Page Wedding To Do List/Wedding Checklist

This is a one page to do list for one year period. Modify particular item and print it. Then, you can start checklist any completed tasks.

Wedding To Do List

If you need more detail but not so detail where you can write description and put completion status and Person in Charge (PIC) name, then you can use this template. There are two models you can download.

Wedding Calendar

This wedding calendar has Gantt Chart style visualization. You need to type task list at the left side and put date period (start and end date) next to task list. Before that, type your wedding date on top of the table. It will trigger date titles to be populated automatically where your D-Day will be at the right-most column.

There are codes worksheet to type codes for any information you want to put inside the calendar. For example, you want to mark dates where you contact your vendor or you want to mark payment status for particular orders.

Wedding Day Schedule

This one contains a to do list for the D-Day. There time, description, venue, PIC and notes column that you can modify and adjust to your own wedding time. There are samples inside this spreadsheet that should guide you on how to organize your event at D-Day. From waking up in the morning until the end of the reception.

Wedding Vendor Comparison Checklist

When you try to manage your wedding suppliers by yourself, you may need these spreadsheets to help you find the most economical suppliers. But, it doesn’t necessary a cheap one. Here are some spreadsheets you might consider.

Venue Comparison Checklist

There are important criteria to be met when you are looking for a venue, those are :

  • Availability at Wedding Date
  • Guest Capacity
  • Price

Those criteria will be put on top of your comparison table. Then, you can start comparing other item. In this spreadsheet you can compare until up to five venues that you can extend easily. Below those important parts, there are features comparison you can checklist in each particular columns. Put amount if those features need additional payment, and put “x” mark if particular venue cannot provide particular services.

Caterer Comparison Checklist

Different from Venue comparison, comparing caterer is easier since you just check their food package and find some good reviews about their services.

Photographer Comparison Checklist

Using similar templates, you can compare photographer services using this spreadsheet.

Wedding Supplier List

If you want to record and compare all suppliers within a single spreadsheet, you can use this one. You may use this one if you already have experiences on organizing a Wedding and just want to see which suppliers available at your date.

Wedding Guest Organizer

Guest is a King. You need to serve them well. You invite them because you honor them and you want them to witness one of your most important event in your life. If you have flexibility on budget, you don’t have to worry about skipping any friends and relatives. But, if you don’t have that flexibility, then you need to organize it carefully.

Wedding Guest List Planner

This simple form consists of two worksheets. One for Bride and one for Groom. You can list all your guests that you plan to send the invitation before filter them to meet your allocation.

Wedding Guest Invitation Planner

This template provides separate worksheets to write any guests. Summary worksheet will sum total guests in each worksheets to each particular category. If you want to skip writing the details, you can use the other spreadsheet without those separate worksheets.

Wedding Guest Tracker

You may want to control the number of guests who come to your party. It is to make sure that your venue is not overcrowded and your food is enough. Also, if some of your guests are important people, you may need to make a special arrangement when they confirm to attend your party. Use this spreadsheet for your purposes.

Wedding Seating Chart

Need seating chart? Use this simple spreadsheet to organize your wedding seats. Once you open it, you might get the idea on creating your own. It only contains table number, no and guest names. You can easily copy and paste with different table size to meet your own seating allocation.

Other Wedding Forms

You might need some forms for your Wedding. Here are some them.

Wedding Day Kit

This is just a one page list to write all important item that you should not forget. For example, if you have asthma, you might not want to forget to bring your inhaler. There are many small items. Make sure you write it down any time you remember it in this list.

Wedding Photo Checklist

With this list, you will make sure that you will have pictures of all people who attend your wedding. Photographers will follow your order. Writing and giving this list will make sure they are working as expected.

Wedding Gift Tracker

Gifts… This list should be useful if you want to record it and send them Thank You cards.

That’s all guys, I think these spreadsheets already represents many wedding spreadsheets in internet. If you still haven’t found the suitable one, you can customize or create a new one using the idea in these spreadsheets. And if you need more information regarding any related wedding preparation, you can google it.

And finally… Congratulations for your wedding and be happily ever after.